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March 02, 2005


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Jason's absolutely correct; SpySweeper works exactly as advertised. As one of his laptop users, I haven't experienced a single spyware issue since he deployed it. One caveat though - it is a real CPU pig while running. It may just be that I'm a VPN user, but I could sure use that 2 hours every morning it takes Spyware to do it's thing. It's a great solution for enterprise desktops that get left on all the time, I'm a little wary of using it on a laptop that could frequently be turned off during the scheduled run time.

I just noticed a new client and server application update was just installed and should end up pushed to your laptop. It's got a new "mobile client" feature which I turned on. I haven't read yet exactly what it does, but I'm betting it addresses your concerns.

To all sys admins, network gurus and youth pastors that are responsible for your church's PCs...You absolutely MUST install the mobile client feature Jason pushed to my laptop. I've been watching it for better than a week now, and it has cut the runtime to less than half of what it was.

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