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June 27, 2005


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If you will permit me, may i add the following:
1) If you enjoyed the likes of Shirow's original "Ghost in the Shell", "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocense" or "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" (er... well... okay, so that's not a Shirow inspired deal), you will enjoy Appleseed as well.
2) Unlike Final Fantasy, Appleseed attempts to "hybridize" traditional cell animation with CGI, thus "working" in some instances (the first 10 minutes are worth the whole movie! Yee-ha!), and yet still being a bit "stilted" or "plastic looking" in others, particularly when they include people's faces or emotions.
3) If you're a Manga freak (like yours truly), you will be both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised at the radical deviation in plot line from the Manga series. Pleasant surprises = the film is actually a lot more "followable" than the books, giving you an actual clue as to a discernible plot line. Unpleasant surprises = other than having Deunan, Briarios, Hitomi and a host of other familiars from the book series, the movie's plot has pretty much nothing to do with the Manga series, alas, with the exception of the whole macro story of Bioroid vs. Humanity line running throughout.

Good flick! Definitely! Thanks for both seeing and posting on it, Jase! You get good "Anime watching" points with me for doing so!


-samurai jack

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