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April 20, 2006


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I have not really looked into VMware (or other virtualization) for our equipment before, but this has piqued my curiosity.
So, if we set up some of our machines in unshared virtual environments then we would be able to recover from a non-harddrive hardware vailure by just moving the virtual machine to another.

The computer that runs our maglock system and ID card printing always worries me. It doesn't have to do a whole lot of work, but if it gets hit by something then we would have to call out the company that we contract with and have everything rebuilt on it. Should that happen I would love to virtualize it and save future worries.

We've always gone the other way on mailbox quotas -- we only allow 50MB (well, that's where we warn) for our users. I *used* to think that was bad, but lately I've liked it more and more. I'm curious -- what does your user have in the 5GB mailbox? I'd guess it's a whole lot of attachments, and that means documents that nobody else can get to. That's been one of our reasons for keeping small mailboxes -- it forces the users to save documents where there is a high potential of sharing them. (not always, but often)

By any chance have you added/changed memory in your Exchange box recently? We've had two, um, "experiences" (very unpleasant) with Exchange after a memory change. In both cases, hardware and software tests showed no problems, but ultimately, Exchange gave the memory a different usage than any other test, and we got some nasty corruption. Replaced the memory and the problems went away. Doesn't sound like quite the same problem you have, but might be worth some thinking. We're with you on the VM concept, but keep in mind that to move a running server (VMotion, or whatever), then you have to have a SAN or some other way of sharing disk between the two virtual servers.

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