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December 26, 2006


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I'm BreadMasterK - about the only game I play any more is Halo 2, but I sometimes play Project Gotham Racing 2 and Top Spin.

Forgot to mention that I'll probably be playing halo 2 around 9 Central tonight.

my gametag is jely73, cool to see other christians as gamers.

Xbox Live Gamertag = Ischus (named derived from my old IT company, Ischus Networks. Ischus means "strength" or "power" in NT Greek. Not that you asked...)

I play Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty 3 mostly. I'll add you as a "friend".

I just got an Xbox360 for Christmas. I've still got to replace my Wi-Fi access point in the living room, but you can go ahead and add me to your friends list. I'm "bnpositive". Did you even have to think about it?

I just got my WiFi/live hooked up and my brother-in-law and I are ready to game with some other christians. My gamertag is Biggedy (and I've got Halo 2, Rainbow vegas, gears, call of dutys) My brother-in-law and I are gonna get a regular thursday nite gaming going. (and whenever else we can) Send me a friend invite if anyone is interested

Most people don't realise until it's too late that 7 out of 10 Xboxes develop serious faults including the 3 light 'red ring of death', E74, freezing and much more. We offer a 1 hour fix alternative as opposed to a 6 - 12 week wait if you use a reair center

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