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February 26, 2007


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I'm a Pastor in San Diego and I also work in sales for a data storage VAR in San Diego. We sell RAID, NAS, SAN, Tape Backup solutions. You should have Tom give me a call or drop me an email. I will give you the best pricing and service possible.

Dan Slagle
dan@newlifesd.com (church email)
dslagle@storehousetech.com (work email)

Check out Coraid's AoE technology for cheap storage. We have 30+ TB in place w/ little issues to date.


Does this product backup the exchange server mailboxes? It looks like there might be a separate product for exchange, but brochure wasn't too clear. I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, so it might be a braincell issue on my part.


Over here at COR, we were faced with having to upgrade Veritas BackupExec from 9.x to 10.5 simply to allow us to back up our shiny new 64-bit server. As seems to be the case with everything Symantec touches, I'd heard horrible things about the new version of the software. To make things worse, no charity pricing was available, putting us in the $8000 range as well. Strikes 1,2, and 3 for Symantec. I ended up settling on CA's BrightStor ArcServe product, which is a lot more user-friendly. CA was more than happy to extend the 30-day trial license as long as we needed to, and they gave us competitive upgrade *and* charity pricing. The end result is that we upgraded/replaced the whole enchilada (including Exchange, SQL Server, and open file agents) and added a few client licenses for under $3000.

At our office, we use EMC Retrospect and like it. It's really good at the disk-to-disk part. We've owned the product since before EMC bought it from Dantz.

Just this week I purchased and installed an inexpensive chassis from Addonics. The Disk Array 5SA was $130 and fits 5 SATA drives in 3x5.25" drive bays. I put it in their ST5X1PM-B chassis for another $200. This chassis has an eSATA connector and an internal 5-port multiplier which allows us to connect all 5 devices to an SI 3132 based PCIe host adapter at $35. Performance isn't awesome since all 5 drives share the 3Gb/s channel, but it's acceptable for our backup purposes.

You can buy a similar chassis from them configures with a SAS style multi-lane connector, 5 discrete SATA connectors, or USB connections. The best part is that when all this is done, there's room in the bottom for an optical drive. Add 5 500GB SATA II drives and slap in a SATA DVD burner and you've got a significant platform for backup related stuff.

I really like having two cables running to this device 1 power and 1 eSATA. It makes for a clean install.

Chris - yep, it does right down to the individual email/calendar/task item :-)

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