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March 29, 2007


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I assume you noticed this was posted in the "Fiction" section?

said FBI agent Lirpa Sloof, official bureau spokesperson in Los Angeles
...Lirpa Sloof (April Fools backwards).

Hey, I can understand why they would classify the film. You don't want this kind of information falling into the hands of terrorists. Just think of the ramifications if Al Qaeda operatives started digitizing themselves and infiltrating our networks and home PC's! You think Windows has issues now...


If anyone is smart they are putting out on the internet right now to spread it everywhere.

I'll bet here's the REAL secret - Lawrence Livermore Labs actually got fusion to work for real in the 1980's but it's now seen as a threat to the oil/gas industry, necons, evangelfundies, global warming deniers, Haliburton and their ilk because the HD version of Tron will reveal that.
Hmm 30 years later we'll find out that's true from the Enquirer.

fiction = not real

Considering that homeland security has literary accomplished f-all, it has resorted to minor crap like removing movies off the shelf to stifle all these dangerous ideas ( Tron!!, WTF ) and make them feel if we can't do anything worth while, let's just do something to make it look like we're doing something with the tax payers money. I wouldn't trust anyone at homeland security to sit the right way on a toilet seat, never mind truly believ that they've got any of our interests at heart.

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