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May 29, 2007


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My first thought was Europe, but I doubt your all time favorite 80s band was a 1 hit wonder. (Europe rocks anyway!)

As my first guess, I'll say Whiteheart.

I had hair below my shoulders in the 80s, even had a perm to make it all wavy. I guess I'm glad I did that then, look at me now!

Good guessing ... no dice so far.

Jim - Final Countdown still rocks today :-)

I'm gonna go with Guns and Roses

Lets go far out on a limb and try my favorite christian metal band... Deliverance!

of course one could ask for the specific sub group of heavy metal that your favorite 80's metal group belongs to. you don't want to insult someone by suggesting a glam metal band when they were into thrash metal

Did you see that Ozzfest is free? Assuming you can a ticket. Let me know if you want to go with us we are going to try to hit the Detriot show.

It's technically a different day.. so another guess.

Def Leppard

I will guess Poison

Ain't looking for nothin but a good time...
and it don't get better than this.

Let's try again. I couldn't get my guess in yesterday. Dokken


Great guesses ... some real classics listed! But still no dice. I will help a bit by saying it is not a "Christian" artist.

Darrell - Dokken is a very close 2nd! :-)

Pete - free tickets eh? I'll have to ponder that.

Well I should get credit for an extra guess today since I couldn't put mine in yesterday. Typepad errored out on me. :)

80's metal bands. So many to choose from. Since you said mid-late 80's, I'm going to guess Whitesnake.

Ok, if Dokken was number two then how about Lynch Mob since I am guessing you were a George Lynch fan?

Twisted Sister


Keep 'em coming ...

have had a lot of problems posting today
I think this is attempt 8.

Judas Priest.

that is not a curse, that is my guess for Wednesday. and in 11 minutes I can post my guess for Thursday :)

gonna try another favorite of mine...

Ok. Let's try Ratt this time around :)


Iron Maiden

We have a winner!! I'll post who got it later today.

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