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May 08, 2007


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Dude, stop taking your car apart!

I think it's a wheel spacer between the disc brake and the wheel rim, to be precise, an 18mm wheel spacer.

I was going to say its something for a car...but I think its for a Tripod head. A spacer between the actual legs and the head. Perhaps. Not sure.

It's a flange

Guys. Please. Too easy. It is the device you use to hurl through the air at the person that:
a) fell behind on the powerpoint slides
b) introduced the virus to the entire network; or
c) went to the bathroom last but used no air freshener

I thought it was Ed's bling?


Dave nailed it ... it IS an 18mm wheel spacer.

500 points are still up in the air for grabs ... get those creative juices flowin'!

It is a communion cup tray from the Big Hemi Community Church!

It is a communion cup tray from the Big Hemi Community Church!

I thought maybe you were bored and took your new camera apart!

Wait. It IS a wheel spacer, but your'e giving Dave 500 points, which implies it is NOT a wheel spacer? I'm confused... (which isn't really all that surprising)

Isn't it obvious?!?! It is the Andorian adapter module for the Flowbee Haircutting System! (And in great shape after that trip back in time, I might add :-) ).

Scott Ehly says it's a brake disk.

Wheel spacer!

It's the real thing that goes in that cupholder-thingy that computers have, right? You know, that thing that pops out in the front...

Richard Dolan says it's half of a fly-reel.

I'd like to thank my family, who always wondered why I kept taking my cars apart, and putting them back together, sometimes correctly....

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