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October 12, 2007


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May I be the first to say,


You guys must have gotten one heck of a steal on those - I saw Mix list those at anywhere from a quarter to half a mill depending on config. That's some seriously spendy kit.

Nicee... I am an audio guy on the side as well, studio being my first love there.. Those are some nice boards.

Have fun with those!

Love Studer stuff!! Had a couple of their tape machines back in the day. I have not heard or had the chance to mix on a Vista but I'm curious as to your reasons for going with that over a Venue? Very nice indeed though!

Perimeter Church went digital a few years back and have never gone back. They rock! The only habit we had to get into was save early and save often and always back up! I know us IT guys are thinking "duh" but after mixing on analog boards, saving and backing up definitely aren't things your constantly thinking about. Rebuilding an entire show an hour before the actual show starts just isn't fun.

There's also a lot of cool networking things you can do with them. All that to say, you're tech guys are gonna love em!

The Vista 8 is a great choice. We have had our eye on that one for almost three years. We decided to go with the lighter more sleek design of the Vista 5 (42). Among other reasons, it is less intimidating for the volunteers that would use this console for events during the week. (It's also very much lighter) I have picked up the Vista 8 (32) and it is a hand full. These consoles are truly ahead of the class when it comes to meeting the live operational needs.

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