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November 29, 2007


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I will say you are going to change them on Friday, Nov. 30.

I forgot to add you will change them at lunch time.

You will change the tires this evening (Thursday, 29 November 2007) after dinner (let's say around 7:30 PM or 8 PM if you watch Jeopardy!).

I'm going to say Wed, Dec 5th at 7PM. I could be completely wrong since I live in Louisiana and wouldn't know what a snow tire looks like even it it ran over me...

Friday, November 30, 7:30AM

Friday 11/30 8:45pm

Saturday at 10:37am

Um... This Friday? 11:30 am? I just put mine on yesterday :) I love them.


Drat....guess that means John Stark wins.

Well, I'll just rest comfortably knowing that the likelihood of requiring snow tires in Tallahassee is not much greater than the likelihood of me winning this contest!

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