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February 23, 2010


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There is another option to backup data to cloud storage powered by Amazon S3. Check out CloudBerry Backup http://cloudberrydrive.com/ . It is one time fee and the rest what you pay for Amazon S3. The product is free for non-protits!

I also recently purchased a copy of the CloudBerry Backup Home product and liked it so much that I requested and received a free license for the server product for my local K-12 school. After trying several of the S3-capable backup tools, I found CloudBerry to be cleanest and simplest one out there.

We have a license for CLOUDBERRY product: it is easy to use and stable. We recommend this product without hesitation. thank you

As per Andy's comment above, I have used Cloudberry now with 6 clients and it has worked well in all cases. Cloudberry gives out 1 free license to charitable organizations, which has been a great help. I have also had a few paid clients use the product. Our use has been with Windows Home Server backing up to Amazon S3 - the product works very well, sends out detailed emails nightly if we want them, and they have continued to update with new features. I can't say enough about what a great product it is and how economical it is to back up using Amazon S3.

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