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April 21, 2011


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Just donated a little, I'll keep you guys in my prayers and good luck.

Thanks on both accounts! :)

This summer I'll be taking my 3rd annual trip to the Navajo Nation doing IT and missions work to assist ministries out there. It's amazing how much we take for granted technology wise and how just a little can greatly improve what they are used to. Will be praying for ya'll and the people you'll be able to reach.

Praying for a safe and productive trip for you guys! I'd be interested in the July trip. Looking to do something like that this year.

I was in Accra, Ghana 4 years ago focusing on supporting a local church and their computer lab which was used to teach local students the validity of technology. I was also involved in planning the network for a ministry in Togo. While I haven't had the chance to go back, it was then that I realized the possibilities for IT in ministry and missions.

Learn as much as you can from @countryConnections' Mark Stephenson (also the VP of www.WebEmpoweredChurch.org ) and his son Thomas. They know the UBNT gear inside and out - and cover over 1800 SQ miles of Wireless Lan here in Ohio.

This is something that I have been looking at getting involved with for a long time. IT missions are very much needed, but for me at least, finding how to get involved has been a huge struggle.

If you are interested in IT missions then you might want to check out ICCM (International Conference on Computing and Mission) at Taylor University in June. http://www.iccm.org.

Jason, are you or any of your team going to attend ICCM this year?

Wow, this is awesome. So often, teams doing physical labor, versus mental. Just donated as well. God bless!

ITs or others interested in the installation of solar power for water filtration or other power needs in Haiti can go to Solar under the Sun's website (solarunderthesun.org). You can make this a meaningful part of your outreach with this training.

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