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Jason Powell is the Director of Information Technology at Granger Community Church ( where he, a Sys Admin, and a small team of volunteers manage a network of over 200 computers and 40+ servers. Geeks for Jesus! :-)


You can read how I ended up as IT Director at Granger Community Church here:

Prior to coming to GCC I was the Technology Director for Zion-Benton School Dist 126 in Zion, IL ( There I oversaw a network of ~800 windows clients and 8 or so Novell servers.

At GCC we are approaching 200 XP/Vista clients and 20+ Servers using VMware Server and EqualLogic SANs.

Ummm, other stuff? Hmm, well how I ended up in IT is a long story since my background is all Physics...BS from Taylor Univ and MSNS from Eastern IL Univ.

Granger Community Church? check out and


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