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March 11, 2005


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Excellent post, Jason! I have read of other churches setting up wireless portals similar to what you are doing but obviously it is not common yet. This is truly cutting edge stuff. It's exciting to see you all doing this.

I have been wondering what you have been up to, bloglines has repeatedly told me you are posting nothing.....until this morning!

Thanks Jim,
Yeah...I've been having mongo problems with Bloglines showing my updates. "Seems" to be fixed now.

Very Cool...but I think I'm coveting!

This solution is a little pricey. Any thoughts on the ZoneCD? www.publicip.net

Hi Matt,

We couldn't find anything like ZoneCD back when we were researching. Nomadix had the only product that would scale to 250 simulataneous users...actually it can do 2000. If you're certain you'll stay under 50 simultaneous users there are many products out there.
Sonicwall has an all-in-one product that's very similar to our Nomadix setup.


With more than a year of experience now, would you post an update on what you've learned with wifi in the churc? I recently posted a few ideas for potential uses in a church. I'm curious to know if you agree since you've been using it: http://microexplosion.blogspot.com/2006/08/3-uses-for-wi-fi-in-church.html

Hi Jason - this is awesome, great to see it for a church deployed like this... two things I've learned with my free hotspots opendns.org is your friend, keeps the sites friendly..

The other is untangle firewall has some built in capacities for people on a smaller budget.

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