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April 29, 2005


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This sounds like a great idea! I'd love to participate.

Hey Jason, that sounds like a great idea. I would love to be part of something like that. I just wish I was closer. Maybe you should set up a 'virtual' roundtable. :-)

I'm thinking this would be a once or twice a year gathering ... and at a different church each time. It's always fun to go visit other churches and other parts of the country. So budget in some travel $ each year if this becomes a reality :-)

I have wished it were possible to get together with others who have similar goals and challenges so this is an answer to prayer. Count me in!

I just recently became the IT Director at my church and am really interested in participating in a round table. Sounds like a great idea.

Jason, a comment and then a question: it seems the IT guys at many churches have a large space to cover than just IT. How much of your brainstorming/research is geared towards moving/sharing audio and video data and/or deploying media strategies?

Just curious...

"How much of your brainstorming/research is geared towards moving/sharing audio and video data and/or deploying media strategies?"

I'm aiming towards pretty strict IT/IS areas. If you're referring to capturing and streaming video or media storage strategies that could certainly fall under the IT/IS umbrella. That's probably as far into the Technical Production area as I'd go...unless others really wanted it. Aside from hooking up pretty complicated home theater systems, I have no Production Tech background.


Hey Jason,

I am certainly up for another one. We missed you at the last one we hosted here at Second.


I'd love to be involved. thanks for doing the lead dog work.

steve brewer

I'm down, but I'm in Texas. Would you consider doing a weekend round-table ending with Church on Sunday?

A weekend sorta thang is where I'm leaning ... maybe start at lunch or so on a Saturday ... order in dinner ... and attend our 7:30pm service. Then gather for a few more hours Sunday morning and wrap up by noon.

That sounds sweet! Keep us in the loop.

I'm keen to your ideas of hosting a roundtable. I've been exploring how I might use my gifts as an IT architect in service to my church and our mission. I have a bias for Microsoft infrastructure technologies, but has have a respect for open source and Linux. I however don't let my "IT religion" get in the way of making wise IT choices.

I am really interested in something like this.. Count me in!

This is a great idea. I was just introduced to this site as part of my work to develop/expand a formal IT department structure for our church so I definitely need to be networking with church IT people.

And I don't mind the 4 hour drive from Peoria to Granger - it's mostly interstate anyway.

Go Jason go! Please feel free to use any and all you'd like to use from the previous Internet Roundtables. An IT Roundtable is a much needed resource and you are the right guy to make it happen! At some point, I hope I can share with this group about the Web-Empowered Church, http://webempoweredchurch.com. Go for it! :-)


I'm seriously considering putting this on my calendar. I have to limit my travel to just two trips per year, which forces me to make tough choices. This opportunity is definitely on my short list. Put me down as a "definite maybe".


I like your idea of limiting this to 20, but of course, then I want to challenge it too! :-) Is that 20 people, or 20 organizations? In other words, can I bring somebody else with me? Either way, count me in!


Very interested -
I am currently helping a few churches here in NJ with the WEC system - as well as in charge of the Vine project - www.vinehosting.com, a division of the Foundation for Evangelism and the parent organization to WEC.

I am especially interested as being a geek for Christ already I would love to be involved. From doing powerpoint to restoring servers, setting up VPN's etc...

the churches within the Greater NJ Annual conference are keepin this volunteer busy.

Count me "IN", and I'd be interested in discussing a wide variety of topics. We are a true hybrid shop in Seattle running everything from Ubuntu to XP on our desktops and everything in between. I'd like to help out any folks that want to ask me questions in person about web technologies, church management, web services (not CHURCH web services, big diff!), audio/video streaming... I'm really just about down for whatever.

I'd love to actively participate in something like this! I'm open to just about any type of forum be it in IN or regionally based (I'm in TX).

Feel free to share your experiences and ideas on IT Discuss! http://itdiscuss.org

Love the Roundtable info. When is your next roundtable?

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