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April 22, 2005


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Serving audio needs today, with lights and video scheduled for tomorrow.

We’ve been using Crown IQ for almost 6 years now. There was always this hope that some day it would all be on the network…how wonderful convenient that would be. To be completely honest we wanted our amps connected to the network years ago but we can’t sacrifice stability and reliability of a major component of a service that is reaching thousands just to be convenient. And years ago we don’t have much confidence that something would print on our network let alone be up long enough to communicate information to vital pieces of equipment. Things have changed, thank God and Jason and their team.

Our network isn’t just up more than it’s down anymore it’s stable. Now I’m not naive enough to think our network will never go down but I do have tons of confidence that our network is built with systems in place to help insure stability and quick recovery should there be an issue…in other words, our network is up and running because they should because this, this, and this are in place…not, it was working yesterday so it should work today…there’s a huge difference. I should also mention that most of the software for such vital items is now set-up in a way that the connection to the network is only needed to monitor and change things (like the Crown amps for example) the network connection is not needed to keep our audio system on.

That network stability and that ever present responsibility to do more with what you have (which can be more or less than the day before) has really pushed us to explore the AMX world and the possibilities that exist. We’ve started with AMX because it’s a clean way to turn things on and off. Be that lights or projectors or our whole audio system (start-up relay turn equipment on and off in the correct order). But now we are turning the corner that will have every TV and virtually ever piece of technical equipment connected to AMX and the network.

Having AMX connected to the network will allow us to be able to turn modify any piece of technical equipment that is connected to AMX through a browser interface. This will allow us to change every channel on the TV’s at a given moment, or enable us to drop a screen, turn on a projector, and select an input on the projector as well as lower the intensity of the lights for an overflow room…all from a remote or distant location. There are also other fiscal benefits to using AMX. We are equipping our new children’s rooms with motion detectors that will automatically turn off all the lights and make sure the video projectors are off if there isn’t any movement in the room for a set period of time saving probably hundreds of possible lost hours on lamps…that’s huge when the cheapest lamp you can buy for our projectors are around $400.

Besides having a stable network we have also had a great partner in Ken Kuespert of TPC Technologies . He’s been a very competent and knowledable partner through our whole AMX process. If it wasn’t for his knowledge and foresight into infrastructure and how we use our equipment choosing to use AMX could have been a very costly choice for us.

Using technology to make things better isn’t a luxury any more it’s a necessity. But even more than that, keeping our systems up and running isn’t a one man job anymore…it’s a team effort from the people who give money sacrificially, to our leadership team who gives us a vision worth pouring our time and budgets into, to our teammates that don’t just do what they are supposed to they do what is needed, wanted, and expected. Every one on our team has a role to play out to make this things a success…I’m just happy to be a part of it.

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