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June 03, 2005


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Was there anything special you had to do to your wireless network or the machines to get this to work?

Well it's still a learning process. I'm not happy with the Dell USB wifi cards...nor really happy with the SX280's non-expansion. I've got a couple Proxim a/b/g PCI wifi cards ordered so I'll slap them in a couple test GX280's and see if they behave better.
I've gotten the best performance using 802.11a vs. b/g ... the wifi cards are set to choose a over b/g.
We just started experimenting with running the wifi checkin over our public (non-WEP'd) access ... thinking the lower overhead might increase performance as well.
We still experience more "time outs" via wireless than wired. Of course it's almost impossible to troubleshoot as there are so many variables involved.
As we learn more I'll post results.

Just so you know Proxim does make USB ones now for some time


model# is 8474-FC

They are only B/G... but at least they exsist now.

Karl P

As another note, you can also sometimes get a clue about good WLAN cards from cisco.

They maintain a list here http://www.cisco.com/web/partners/pr46/pr147/partners_pgm_partners_0900aecd800a7907.html that generally gives one a good idea of better WLAN client devices.

Karl P

We've determined that ALL USB wifi adapters suck. Give me PCI or give me nothing :-)

Hey great site!
this weekend we go live with F1.
Amazingly i have used many of the same issues with the IT portion of F1.
One major issue i am struggling with.
two of our check-ins and going to be laptops. Dell inspiron 6000. Only have usb and i cant get the Zebra LP 2844-z to consistently connect via usb. Its bad at its best and mostly i just cant get it to connect in fellowship. any suggestion?
I reconfigured the port, reinstalled the driver, got a new driver from the website.
Since there is no parrel ports on the 6000, I am heading to staples to get a usb to Parellel adapter and see if that does the trick. Anysuggestions would be nice..
PS your blog is great, wish i would of found it four months ago when we started this thing.....

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