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June 16, 2005


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Hi Jason, Pete from Crossroads in Michigan.. While not an expert, I am pretty efficient in the ways of MIDI and use it alot, Id be Happy to help in anyway I can and Im always looking for a reason to come to Indiana, so let me know what you need and what I can do to help and Im there!

Just to expound..Midi stands for (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). It is a Standard specifications that enable electronic instruments such as the synthesizer, sampler, EFX, sequencer, and drum machine from any manufacturer to communicate with one another and with computers. What you can do with it is not limitless but close. You can use it to control all of your efx processors with a push of one button (or if they are following timecode and a sequencer once programmed will do it automatically) You can use it for automation on your board if it has it.. you can control your keyboards, lights whatever... and multiple other things...

One of my favs is Roland ( rolandus.com ) They have a great section on using MIDI in worship as well as tips and pointers to make it all work. Workshops are great too, I used to attend regularly.

Thanks for the comments.

Pete - I'll probably setup a conf call with you and Adam, our Technical Arts dude, sometime next week.

John - if you run into Adam give him some MIDI 411

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