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August 17, 2005


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Sweet! I'd like to see someone do a handheld check-in over wi-fi with wireless printing. Now that would be portable? y'Know in your spare time :)

Sweet setup. I love seeing how churches are using IT to help enhance other ministries. Keep up the great work.
ps, are you sure those are D610s?? They look like C models.

OPPPS...thanks Darrell...they are C series for sure :-)

No problem. I have replaced enough of those keyboards and palmrest to drive a person crazy. Just watch out for the floating mouse :)

Jason if you want to cut down on cables even more, if you install any Zebra (well any printer drivers really) on one computer you can share it and use one printer from more than one computer in F1 checkin.

As an admin on the computer with out the printer from cmd
net use lpt1: \\computerwithprinter\printershare
The checkin app just ports printer data to lpt1 and it's then fwd to what ever printer you have shared.

This could also be used for a on the cheap printing soultion. I don't recomend for high volume checkin.

How do you like the Zebra's? Are they fast? Do they auto-cut? Do they require label rolls only....or do they need a thermal ribbon too? I'm considering this option for use with ChurchLogix check-in kiosks.

I'm impressed with the Zebras ... after a year we've not had a single hardware problem. They are fast, but don't auto-cut ... gotta tear the tags off but that's not been an issue. I don't think there's a ribbon...at least we've not replaced any in a years time. So I give them 2 thumbs way up :-)

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