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August 16, 2005


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YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! I AM TRULY AMAZED ON HOW MUCH YOU THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to keep us informed on the what is new in IT world.

Would you recommend the Magic Touch screens for an allout rollout of F1? We are in the early stages of buying the hardware for our F1 implementation and I am a little skeptical about going cheap on this aspect of it. We are buying lower end Dells, but have planned on getting good touch screens. We are going to start with 6 check in stations.

I understand the screens looking a little cloudy, but are these screens a high enough caliber to roll out system wide? Cost is always a factor but it's not a necessity to skimp in this area.

That's where I'm at.....what would you advise?

Hi Jim,

I'd recommend get one of them and give it a workout...play with it...let others use it.
They have a 30 day return policy I believe.

The only thing I've noticed that I prefer on the Elo touchscreen monitors vs. this "on the cheap" solution is the fact that the Elo monitors tilt back further than any other our other flatscreens.
Thus an Elo can sit lower and be at a good viewing angle when standing ... whereas normal monitors aren't meant to be viewed when standing and thus don't tilt back as far and thus (man, what's with all the thus'es) they need to be higher to be at a good viewing angle. Hope that makes sense. Of course you could always mount a normal flatscreen's base on a small wedge to help it tilt back far enough.

That's why I'd say get one overlay and try it out first. If you like it then you can save yourself a LOAD of cash by getting normal flatscreens and the overlays.

I wouldn't be afraid to use these overlays in your implementation.

Cool. Thanks for the tip, Jason. Good info!

Very nice tips.Realy i like that,
thanks for post

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