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September 06, 2005


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Good post! I've just inherited a church infrastructure that was a Johnson & Johnson Medical complex until 3 years ago and they desperately need a DR Plan. One thing I would say is that as soon as the UPS goes to battery power, have everything shutdown immediately. I used to wait until the 10% or 20% mark, but then a year goes by without an outage, or I've added more devices to the battery pack and suddenly my shutdown window at 20% is much shorter.

Blog on, Brother!

That's why we test it periodically ... twice a year at min. We used to wait until 10%, but found it just barely left enough time to get everything powered down.
Power goes out here more than any other place I've ever been, so we leave some time before everything starts shutting down.
I just opened my latest issue of Windows IT Pro magazine and wouldn't you know it ... they have a article on DR and steps to create a DR plan. Talk about timing :-)

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