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September 26, 2005


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We’re on the leading edge of Web-Empowered Church at Church of the Resurrection. Our site is built in TYPO3 and we're using extensions and contributing to extension development.
See my post here regarding Mark coming here later this week to present a workshop on WEC: http://appianway.blogspot.com/2005/09/first-chance-to-hear-more-about-web.html
And also this page on the Resurrection web site about how we built our site: http://www.cor.org/About_this_Website.1683.0.html

Web-Empowered Church is a very cool thing, and getting more useful by the month.

Thanks Clif,

I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I don't have a blogger account..doh!

BTW, great blog ... I've added it to the "Church IT blogs" in my left column :-)

Sorry about that, Jason. I enabled "word verification" to block spammers and then allowed non-registered users to comment. So you should be able to get in now. Thanks for adding us to your blog roll!

I think what you meant to say is Content Management System. This is a Content Management System designed for churches. It doesn't include features you'll need to do church management (e.g. contributions, attendance, contact management, etc.)

Unless I'm missing something...

Yes, Brian. WEC is a project to extend the TYPO3 Content Management System with church-specific functionality. (It's very easy to confuse "Content Management System" with "Church Management System". Sometimes when I'm thinking of one, my fingers actually type the other one!). ;-)

Yes, as you point out, the Focus of Web-Empowered Church is church websites, not internal church data managment. However, the two tend to merge pretty fast as you automate more features. So, we are likely to integrate with or include Church Management as time goes on.

In Christ,

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