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November 18, 2005


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It was Taget and Best-Buy.

Sounds like a cool visit, dude... thanks for posting!

This is good stuff. I'm glad you posted it. I've been in ministry 7 years and didn't run across Mars Hill until about a year ago by way of a Nooma video included in the Relevant Network box of music and books that comes every other month. Now I've found myself listening to Rob's message every week and daydreaming about moving from coastal Georgia to Michigan.

I've got alot to learn about what makes MHBC detractors accuse them of being too "seeker-sensitive," "emergent," and mega-church, but opinions are like...well, you know. Plus, I could Google ANY renowned minister and find SOMEONE who is convinced that they are a false teacher.

Bottom line, I get Rob on the level that resonates with my passion for the Lord AND the living. People either get Rob or totally don't.

Rob and family are on a speaking tour this summer which will take them to Jacksonville, one hour south of me. I'll be there with my wife. Maybe we'll get on that bus with him and go on an adventure.

Be God's,
Jay Sellers

Thanks for the report.

just wondering, what did rob bell answer to "do you believe in a literal hell?" I've been reading Sex God and am interested in his response.

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