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November 14, 2005


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I can't tolerate DRM. If I buy music I want to use it the way I want to. So the only music service I use is iTunes.

I use sharpmusique as my iTunes client since it doesn't add the DRM stuff after the download (which is when iTunes adds it). A quick conversion to mp3 makes it playable on my cheapo Lexar mp3 player.

And as long as I don't go redistributing the music I just bought, I'm not doing anything illegal.

My next big purchase will either be an iPod (either 4G used or 5G video) or a Palm. Now that I have rid myself of all devices except my cell phone, I really miss having a complete address book and calendar with me. The iPod will do this, plus play music, and the Palm, of course, does this tons more effeciently. I guess it will just come down to cashflow and sales.

Those of you that, like me, are still budget-constrained gadget-wise might be interested in the following little utility that I wrote. Free to a good home. (Handy if you carry your music around on a thumb-drive and just listen via your laptop or desktop at work:

By the way, I do recommend Palm. I have a Tungsten E which includes Realplayer MP3 player for the Palm. On those rare but pleasant days when I get to actually work at my desk long enough to "use up" all the music on my thumb-drive, my backup is my Palm. I've "ripped" most of the best of my LPs (using http://www.goldwave.com) and have them stored there. :)

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