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November 10, 2005


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Oddly enough I just dumped Firefox too.

Several revisions before Firefox was released as 1.0, it was really really fast. The closer it got to version 1.0, the slower it got.

Of course I, being a Linux guy, didn't switch to IE. I'm now using Epiphany, which is still a Gecko based browser, but significantly faster than Firefox. Maybe Firefox 1.5 will fix the speed issues.

I can't live without tabs though...

I have noticed a slowdown in Firefox also, but I am still using it. I just like it a lot better. For the sites that look and work better in IE, there is a plug in that I use where I can right click and open the page in IE.

I switched to Opera from firefox. I have no problems relating to sites designed for IE. That and the superior popup blocking and voice controlls won me over.

I just got the free version of Opera and was hooked.

I use Maxthon for all the same reasons. Originally it shipped bundled with XP as "MyIE2" It fully supports IE Extensions as well as... (from the website)

Tabbed Browsing Interface
Mouse Gestures
Super Drag&Drop
Privacy Protection
AD Hunter
RSS Reader
IE Extensions Support
External Utility Bar

I especially like the RSS popup when a page has a feed available. You just click and paste the XML into your reader and go.

With 40 million+ users it has a very active support community as well... www.maxthon.com

When someone makes a browser that will replace IE completely I'll give it a look... I don't need two browsers and I do have to visit Microsoft.com often.

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