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November 16, 2005


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Dude! That is whack! I am only Lightly Nerdy with 41%!!

You are seriously twice the nerd that I am. I took the test this morning and scored 48%, which I think is just nerdy enough to be dangerous.

I'm just a nerd wannabe :) I scored a 28.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the Christian rock band in college increases you nerd quotient...

Wow... I am quite surprised. I didn't cheat and got a score of 98. Quite surprising I actually got a bigger score especially since I was so weak on math stuff.

Definitely skewed. No way I deserve the 99. I mean really - I gave up the pocket protector years ago.

ok, i'm only a wannabe nerd with a 25...which should explain to you some of my questions...yet i love your blog...that is the parts i understand :-)

Wow - I feel like I need a pocket protector...
scoring a 99%

I think its because I knew what Mn and who was in the pictures...

btw great blog

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