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February 28, 2006


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You guys rock.

I think you missed your calling as a bootleg video pirate...

I think this weekend's prelude was the best yet!

saw your new screens.
awesome. i checked out your video clip of the
pre-service music...that's some good stuff.
what type of projectors are you using? front or
rear screen?
What software are you using for the images on screen?
thanks, sammy

Thanks for posting the pictures, Jason. Keep them coming. I'd love to see more pictures when GCC thinks of new and creative ways to use the big screens.

Sammy - look back over the past month of posts here and you'll get all the juicy details :-)

Jason, one bit of "juicy details" that I missed was the cost of the Spyder processor(s). I was floored by your use of them and am probably breaking the tenth commandment now.

Anyway, beyond the cost of the unit, I'm also curious if you guys used an outside vendor to consult and design your system or if you've gone it alone.

Thanks! (Love your blog, been a reader for about a month now.)


Thanks for reading :-)

Our Tech Arts dudes have used TPC Technologies (http://www.tpctechnologies.com/index.htm) for the design and much of the install.


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