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February 06, 2006


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Good organizational stuff. I see both proactive and reactive changes in your recap, which is expected, but I must say I am impressed with the perceived level of documentation. I LOVE IT.

As an aside, if it's information that can be shared, what percentage of the overall church budget (is that available to share?) is allocated to your department/area? And if other departments foot the bill for technology you support, what do you estimate is the total churchwide percentage of technology you're responsible for supporting compared to the overall church budget?

My own answer at three churches where I've been on staff is between 1.5-4.5%. Just curious.

Oh, those numbers above are NOT intended to include any salaries.

Jason, great post, thank you! It made me frown just a bit however as I realized that I have stepped into an environment very similar to the one that you entered a few years ago, so I am at year 1...the year of stability. I'm sort of combining this with year 2, the year of security, because one bad security breach will sure put us back a LONG way in stability.

I'm going to answer Anthony's question even though it wasn't directed at me, just because I love data. :)

Our total church budget this year is $3.519M, our total IT budget (excluding labor) is $25k. Hmmmm. This $25k does not include telephones, just capital expenditures and sys admin costs.

Its a good thing to do sometimes! I have pretty much combined all of your years into one year for my ministry. Of course it is not nearly as complete as it should be, but thankfully I have a foundation of stability I can work off of. BTW, have you guys ever used Microsoft SharePoint Services? I just implemented it and it is great! Sure cuts down on the amount of pointless emails that gets sent out. I think we will be able to communicate better through SharePoint.

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