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February 04, 2006


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Absolutely. This would be perfect. I did find a plugin for wordpress that will let me include # of comments in the bottom of my rss feed. Problem is, by default, this will cause many feedreaders to republish any post that gets a comment. Not bad for a site like mine who gets a few comments on some of the posts, but some peoples feeds would be constantly new. This looks great. Let us know when it becomes public.

Of course the service will be free!
Some codes for your readers:

* this 3rd code reserved for Tony Morgan *

I was just searching for this feature this afternoon before I read your post. There is a Worpress plugin called X-Comments that will do something like this. I haven't played with it yet though.

But yes, this would be a GREAT thing for frequent blog readers and comment leavers. Something much need in the blog community.

I was actually quite surprised that the codes hadn't already been used but this looks like great little tool that will help us commenters out their remember to stay in the conversation. Thanks for letting us know of the great find

Got this and saw that you had problems on your blog. I seemed to be having problems with my site(http://www.mollyzine.com) so thought I would try yours. Hope you don't mind.


A test from cocomment (please delete if it appears on the blog)

This sounds like what we've been waiting for! Thanks for passing this along. How soon will we see more of this on your sidebar? :-)

Wow! This sounds great! If this were a free service, I would sign up the first day that it was available. If it were a pay service, I would grumble a little, tell myself that it should be free, then sign up about a week later, enjoying the fact that I can now track comment threads for a nominal service charge. :)

Well the service is free, they were quick to respond to my request for a code (I hadn't realized that you had codes on your page) but it looks like it is not going to subscribe to the whole feed, but only the comments mad by people with cocomment. It does look like there is a way for people to be able to add javascript into their blog, which will cocomment every comment on their blog, but both of these solutions require that more people start using cocomment. I am cocommenting this post, btw, to see how it pulls in this thread.

I just signed up to be told when it's available for public beta, and they emailed me a few hours later (7 minutes ago) with my invite code! these guys are cool!

Jason, I gave it a try for about 30 minutes. I set up an account and tried to leave comments on your site and my site, but it didn't work. I adjusted the security settings for cookies and that seemed to make some progress. The comments were showing up on the CoComment site, but they weren't showing up on the actual blogs. Not being a techie like you, I may not be smart enough to use that new service. Or, maybe it doesn't do what I was hoping it did. For now, I guess I'll just have to stick with the traditional method of leaving comments.


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