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April 19, 2006


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Don't do it. We had an executive here, where I work and where I am the Network Admin, that had me setup his 700. It is so complicated and the screens that go with the phone features are clunky and hard to use. He went back to his 650 and loves it.

I really didn't like the interface and didn't find the Windows-esk features to be that great. Plus there is so much software for the Palm OS now.

I would recomend - Snapper for Email, Documents to Go for documents, and Roboform for password management/info management for the Palm and IE, and Firefox.

I had a Sprint PPC-6700 (HTC Apatche) and while it was not a Treo, it was very similar (Windows Mobile 5.0). I used the evdo service, both on the device, and using the device as a modem for my laptop. It got pretty good speeds around town, about the speed of DSL, but with higher latency. It was fine for downloading files, streaming video, and short term RDP. I say short term because the connection seemed to lag out every few minutes prompting a reconnect.

I totally want to buy the verizon phone so I can check and type emails. Is this the one? I saw one at the mall, but didn't know the model number? I think it is like 299.00 or something?

I've been using mine (Treo 700w) for several months here at the church. We now have added three more, plus one other Mobile 5 device, and I expect that we will see more in the near future. Overall, I like it very much though it can be a bit of a support issue to get connected. The biggest issue that we've had was getting the ActiveSync to work with our Exchange secure socket layer (SSL). ActiveSync seems to work fine without the SSL on Exchange.

Otherwise, it's been great and other users seem to have the same opinion. We're using the Verizon service which has been reliable but not particularly fast.

I love my treo 700w. I have had no issues with them and we have about 10 of them. My favorite is the voice commands that the phone has. But, I am looking more forward to the New Motorola Q that is coming on on May 22nd from verion. Here is the URL: http://www.motorola.com/mdirect/q/index.html

I have mine ordered. I will let you know what I think about it.

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