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April 16, 2006


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Woohoo! I'm excited!
Here's to letting even MORE people take steps towards Christ with us! :D

Very, very slick! I've been wondering if streaming was something on the to-do list for GCC. Thanks for sharing the details!

Excellent! I've passed this on to our AV guys, thanks for explaining in such detail how you went through this process. I can't wait to watch your streams!

Jason, let me just say how glad I am that you guys show the entire service. Alot of streaming churches only show the message.

Any reason why only the last week's message only available for streaming? Or would having more than one affect the pricing you guys are paying?

But I'd think that some people would like to be able to watch a series more quickly than once a week, or if they missed one week, to be able to go back or rewatch from a few weeks back.

I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Many thanks for making at least one available for us!


I really enjoy your worship service streaming. I've noticed that recently you've refined your window a bit to include a bolder with content. What tools are you using to create your stream and post it your site?

We currently record our services, edit them in Adobe premiere, export the finished video as a wmv file and stream it on our web site. I am always trying to do produce a better product. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Very cool blog! I am a streaming media tech with a question? How did you get windows media encoder to become automated.

Thanks and God bless

Hey Jason, I realize this is a really old post, but it relates to where I am now. I tried to find your email address on IT discuss, but apparently you don't put it in your signature.

Anyway I am wondering because I kindof got loast when you bought the Osprey 300. At that point were you using CVC or hosting the live feed yourself?

If you are hosting it in-house does it need its own T1? What kind of bandwidth does it take?

I have loads of questions that I am researching, but I will not bother you with those...yet.


Hi Jason,

I was asked to check into live streaming. Are you still using Christian Video Channel? When I attempt to send them an email, using the info on their site, I get a "does not exist" bounce.

Waco Muse
Southwest Community Church
Indian Wells, CA

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