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June 22, 2006


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Jason, the company I am currently working at it looking at http://www.compellent.com/ and it sounds like they are coming out on top.
Dell will come in with a low initial price but the support/maintance contract will kill you.

My company has purchased many Equallogic PS-100E and PS-100Xs. They are rock solid, super fast, and we're really happy with them. We evaluated them, LeftHand, Iomega, and a few other iSCSI products. At the time, Equallogic definitely had the most polished product. Great support. i've toured their site and met with Don and some of the other people there. Good people.

Their SC in our area is super helpful to us. Now that VMWare supports iSCSI natively, we're going to start using the Equallogics to store VM slices.

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