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July 20, 2006


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It looks like your church is being overrun by Daleks ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalek ).
Perhaps a stop-motion animation is in order?

Just curious if you ever considered one of the wireless bridge devices like the Hawking HWBA54G, DLink DGL-4300, or Linksys offering?

Bryan - no ... It was either Proxim or Cisco for the access points. We choose Proxim several years ago 'cause they were certified to work with our Nomadix gateway ... and thus we went with proxim client cards.

What about the new n standard?

Well everything I'm reading says there is no fully agreed on standard for .11n ... yet. It's close though.

Once Cisco and Proxim start offering n gear we'll definitely start testing 'em.

Do you think wireless F1 checking could work over a true 3G network?


We're using a 3G card in a Zyxel router at our Elkhart campus and it works great. Just make sure you can get a great signal.

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