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July 28, 2006


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You said "Changes to OWA have a tendency to break Entourage."
I recently deployed OWA, but later changed the port number & added a certificate for secure access over the internet. Since those changes I haven't been able to connect Entourage to Exchange. Extremely frustrating!

See http://www.microsoft.com/mac/resources/resources.aspx?pid=resourcekits&rk=officex&article=/mac/officex/ork/Configure_Entourage.xml for help setting up Entourage to use non-standard ports.

Yep, went down the apple/ms integration path a few years back.

Mostly a painful experience (yes, we bought into the Thursby admitmac product for awhile...got it working sort of). Fortunately, we got most workgroups to move to ms world.

For the remaining apple outfit, I just dropped a terminal services client on their machines which connected to a full blown Windows desktop.

they want all the features of outlook 2003?
term serv

they want the full office suite and other windows apps?
term serv

Cut our support calls dramatically.

For the record, I think macs, *nix, windows, BEOS etc.etc. are all more or less great. Integration however = throbbing headaches. NOTE: This is not a segue for discussing open source.

As one of the "Rebel Mac Unit" at GCC i just want to say that for "Not supporting Macs" Jason and Ed have done a fabulous job getting us through the pains that have unfortunately been involved at times as changes are made on our current system. Brian's willingness to come forward and their initiative to setup the MacUser meeting is just another sign of our awesome team that is trying to do ministry together not just do a job. We use the tools that we need to do what we do, and the guys understand that and could not be more gracious.

the meeting was very helpful to many of us. i know that we found a number of issues on my computer alone-One "easy one" of note was a piece of software (Disk Inventory X) that Brian suggested to me that helped me find a 30GB cache file on my laptop that i thought must be somewhere??? that i could never find. How much is that worth??? Priceless : )
thanks team-it is a pleasure.
GCC Media and Production Director

Evolution is also dependent upon OWA if I remember correctly. You may want to check on that. That may have changed on the newer versions, but I believe the old versions functioned through OWA.


I've used Evolution before quite a bit (assuming it's Novell's Evolution) and I've had mixed results. I have never tried integrating it with Exchange, but I usually end up going back to Thunderbird because if Evolution's idiosynchrosies. But some people love it. I'll be interested to hear how that goes.

As for printing, you should be able to use IPP from the Mac to the Windows machines or directly to the printers (assuming they are network printers). In theory you can set up IPP printing from a Windows server running IIS. (see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/techinfo/overview/internetprint.mspx ).

I'm all for getting you guys to use Linux, but hey, if your expertise is in Windows, you may want to check this out. ;)

As far as printing goes, I setup a Linux print server with a PCL6 driver to an old Lanier 5222. Turned on Cups printer broadcasting for GCC's internal network. The printer is now available to OS X systems as a Shared printer.

While Windows also supports IPP printing, I've not had any experience using it, so opted for the Linux server, where I can get really creative if necessary. I wrote a customized content-aware printing system for Linux a few years back, so I know CUPS quite well.

Very cool. I'll have to remember that for future reference. Next time I need solve some really arcane CUPS problem I'll know where to come. ;)

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