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July 21, 2006


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Jason we have a few mac's at our church with our 50+ Windows PC's. Any chance you guys can shed some light on how you got them on the domain?

Nagios is nice, be sure to virtualize it, which I'm sure you're already thinking of...I was able to run it as a virtual machine w/no problems.
Another open source product is Cacti. Grabs some nice stats on your gear using snmp.

I wonder how many times Christians turn people off by treating them like Windows users treat mac users, they don't live by our rules (by choice) so let them live with the pain. LOL Of Course, there is one major difference Mac users have a heavenly OS. LOL

For those looking for a solution to add Macs onto the domain...check out http://www.thursby.com/products/admitmac.html.

We use this solution and it works great!

sorry...bad character in that last link:



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