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July 08, 2006


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Mind if I stop by for a peek?


Any plans for your old switches? Dave, our IT Manager and I will be out for the round table in September. We'd be happy to take your old switches off your hands. Just in case you didn't have any plans for them.


Josh - take a peek anytime. Jeff G or Adam C have keys if Ed or I are not around.

Todd - We only added 2 additional switches so nothing was removed. Sorry :-)

Jason, dude! That is sweet! thanks for the most killer church technical blog on the web!

She looks beautiful.

Was the box you bought, one of the ones they just discontinued?

They have just stopped production of most of their units as they move to SAS.

Last years model?

Hello Jason,

I'm the CEO of EqualLogic and am writing to reply to Mr. Magrish's comment. He is mistaken.

Mr. Magrish may be confused because we recently discontinued one of our other products, the PS200E. We did that because the 400Gig disk drives we used were discontinued by the drive manufacturer in 2005. We replaced that system in Sept-05 with a higher-capacity 500Gig disk drive system, the PS300E, but continued the PS200 until recently to make the transition easier for our customers.

There are over 100 PS systems just like yours (well, it's a mix of PS100 and PS300s) in final testing about 150 feet from my office. There are many more than that in various stages of assembly.

It's even more important to note that all EqualLogic systems work together, regardless of disk type or hardware generation. Our latest software release works on all the systems we have shipped over the past 3 years - spanning many different types of disk drives and two generations of controllers. We are relentlessly focused on investment protection for our customers.

Thanks for this open forum. I'm glad I found your blog in time to put our sales team directly in contact with you!

Is there a particular reason you didn't consider/overlooked the small EMC range?

I know there is limits on hosts (max of 10 PHYSICAL (aka virtual is freegame)) but the list prices (CDW/etc) on an iSCSI AX150 with redudant power/controllers and 6 TB of disk space is right at 12'000$. And its ok with ESX - with which it works well.

On the really-cheap range you also have the Promise M500i iSCSI box (available from newegg, etc) that you can do iscsi for between 6 and 9K depending on how much storage you want. These work good for Video Storage Archives

Fan of the blog btw.

That looks like a very high quality dedicated server , The one I'm installing won't be anywhere near that cool.

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