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July 24, 2006


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I've heard nothing but bad things about screen blending, but these Spyder units intrigue me. How are you liking them? Are the graphics guys happy with the final presentation? Are the blacks actually black along the seam? Are the whites actually white?

Yes, blending is a science all to itself from what I can gather. Our problem is that we're trying to do what you're not supposed to do with the very short throw distance we have to work with. Given that, we're getting great results. However, you can notice a "seam" in the image where the blend occurs. They continue to tweak on it and it's harder and harder to notice.
The Spyders rock! Our guys can do some amazing things now...feel free to watch a service online at www.gccwired.com

As for colors ... I'm not a graphics person, but the images look incredible. Black looks black :-)

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