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August 21, 2006


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Jason -- another fine example of why I love your blog. I am fascinated by the details as it feeds the geeky side of my personality. Keep it coming!

Were they taken with your Palm phone? I had thought they were pretty decent quality in previous posts.

I want to turn a computer case into a firewire drive. Any thoughts? Ideally, it would still boot as a Windows or linux computer when I needed it too, but would live as a large firewire drive the rest of the time. (Maybe with Raid). Network drives are just too slow for video.

Quite impressive! I used the RocketRaid X5 external cabinet that worked well. You have to make sure that you get the correct cable for your RocketRaid. I actually had to order a different cable because the controller I got (RocketRaid 2322) worked with the X5 but didn't use the external cable that came with it. You have to make sure and get the right model of RocketRaid controller for your mac too, PCI-X or PCI-E (mine was PCI-E). You'll want to verify that before making your Raid controller purchase. The RocketRaid web site is http://www.highpoint-tech.com.

Not sure you can pull off something similar with firewire drives.

I will be building a ghetto raid array in the near future. Will let you know how it goes!!!!

love the DIY spirit!!!

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