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August 08, 2006


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I am going to guess around 350


Based on a statistical analysis, several reports, polling data, and a nice guess in the dark, I say 461.

Wild guess - 2400!


Plus... http://jpowell.blogs.com/jason_powell_church_it/2006/07/what_is_it.html#comments where is my coveted font and color?

I don't want to guess 682 anymore, I want to guess. 133

I want to change mine too!
How about 202?

I thought about pulling the ole "Price is Right" trick and saying 1, but no, I think I'll stick with my 461.

Lots of people. That means I win if no one else comes close!!

Glad to see you're back! Any word on a winner?

Silly bloggers! Everyone knows the ultimate answer is 42!

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