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October 10, 2006


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I sat through this. It was a good presentation, but definitely centered on the uses of mind-mapping. What I thought was interesting is the whole idea that this was really good to get a lot of ideas down with some structure, but that even David said that he has to work some to pull out action items from the Mind Map. Still - good samples and there will be a recording available to view/re-view later. There are supposed to be sample mind-maps as well.

One thing that struck me as interesting was the price of the mind-mapping software. I had no idea that it sold for $200 or so. Started looking around for alternatives and I think I'll give FreeMind a try for a while. If I were on Linux more permanently, I'd consider VYM as well. Both open-source and pretty reasonably well-featured.

I did get a lot of ideas out of this and will definitely have to give this a try to set some good goals or just to re-design a web-site.


If you are on a Mac, a good friend of mine has a low-cost mind mapping tool called MindCad. I've used it myself and it is great, simple, and has a tutorial to get you started. http://www.mindcad.com

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