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October 10, 2006


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Thanks for doing all this research for us. Where should we mail your check? (Just kidding on the check part) We are in the market for our fist "Help Desk" software. Please keep us posted as to where you land on this.

Hey, here at ND we use assyst and are pretty happy with it. When it comes to email in's, we copy and paste them into the incident (we haven't figured out how to auto import emails directly to incidents) and we just recently developed a script that allows us to email out directly from the incident in assyst. This keeps track of all communications between us and the user.

If you'd like to know more about it, email me back, I can put you in contact with one of our Assyst Admins


Of course, we're just now implementing Track-IT, trying to follow in your footsteps :-( We had used Cerberus via Higher Ground Technologies for a while. It was "ok," but nothing special. One gotcha to watch out for - it's is really good at capturing email threads, but never letting you get rid of them. So...for instance...an Out of Office reply will get in there right along with everything else...

If you want to know what certain very large ISP type entities use, follow these links.

If you need full source code, try - http://otrs.org

If you don't mind paying and you just want it to work - http://www.kayako.com

Warning: the Kayako products will allow you to work via PDA or Smartphone!


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