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October 18, 2006


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Hi Jason!, we too had a couple people that had this issue when going to 7.We also had more people who upgraded with no probelem.... but... When the 7.0.1 version came out it fixed it for all of them. Im not an IT guy or can't speculate that it wasn't a coincident.

People make mistakes. It's a fact of life, not a conspiracy.

The thing I've noticed the most is that it now includes a running system process that eats more resources than it really needs to. This is the cause of a lot of the performance issues.

However, I do enjoy some of the other new features...especially the album cover retrieval.

Tried updating to 7.0.1 today ... still can't burn without being local admin :-(

Getting off the issue of iTunes 7 (Which I have had some issue with, but I keep using it so that I can send in error reports)

I don't know about the local admin issue for you, but I am not suprised.

The majority of my clients require local admin privlidges. For some of them it is service based .net applications that daily auto-update and need local admin, for some of them it is custom designed software that needs r/w access to all sorts of places over the harddrive, and sometimes (as is the case for a CAD package that is widely used) they just require local-admin because it cuts down on weird errors.

I think the reality here is that Windows is poorly designed to take advantage of a robust permission system and it has gotten to the point where developers are assuming (incorrectly) that the majority of users home, corporate or otherwise have just granted everyone local admin to keep from dealing with the problems inherint in windows permission.

Just my .02

If your only taste of Apple was a lame piece of software (iTunes 7), why would you run out and buy one of their computers?

I work on the IT staff for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and stumbled across your blog because of the Itunes burning issue. We are also having the same problem.

I had a few moments and was searching the forums and found a solution that might work, but I haven't had a chance to try it here yet.

On this thread:
about halfway down a guy mentions using Nero burning rights. It's a program nero uses to allow low level burning permissions to users without admin. rights. Supposedly once the program assigns the rights, it allows Itunes users to burn cd's once again.

The program can be downloaded at http://ww2.nero.com/nero6/eng/Nero_BurnRights.html

Of course now, after typing this much, I started looking around a little more and I've seen rumblings that the new version may fix the burning issues.

On a side note, I am a senior at a College in Michigan. I'm majoring in Business Management with a minor in Information systems. I've been involved in IT since High school and am starting to look at career possibilites in the industry. I thought it was very interesting to see a Church IT blog and wondered if there was any kind of formal organization that held conferences for church IT staff and also centrally advertised job postings. Just a thought.

Anyways, Hope this helped.


hello, I'm no IT techy. I converted to Itunes after having burning probs with MusicMatch. I run windows XP ( my son is trying to convert me to Macs )
On burning I looked around for ages on how to cure the burning problem even wiping the drive and reloading older windows versions.
My final solution after 3 months came outr of the Blue
I now drag the playlist into Nero and they burn a treat

By the way I don't find my PC slowing down

Ciao Charlie

i don't know if i am in the right place but.
the problem with my itunes is that any time it changes a track, the "System" process speeds up the processor somewhere at 70%. this appeared smoe 2 weeks ago. i am using itunes for a year and a half now and never experienced any problems with it.

can anyone help me please?
thank you

what do you mean that you have to have "local admin rights"? what are these? I'm on my home pc, aren't i the only one with admin rights? please help -- this error 4280 situation is out of control

I am running vista Ultimate and itunes 7.3 with a pioneer drive and I'm getting error 4280 and I have admin rights.
this is rediculous

I also have just installed itunes 7 and i cannot burn anything, i just keep getting the same error number.

This is really pathetic... i am just going to uninstall and reinstall itunes 6 and hope it resolves the problem.

I am fast becoming sick of itunes and am seriously thinking of buying real CDs in future.

I found this comment at http://www.emergingearth.com/itunes-7-cant-burn-cds

I also experienced this weird no burner or burner software found messages. I found a solution that works for me.

Take a look at :

Answerer 5

Worked a treat for me.
Good luck.

John, your solution worked for me as well, using the most recent iTunes (7.5) and Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I didn't get the error message when I started iTunes, and it kicked off the CD burn just fine. Thanks!

I just updated to the itunes 7.5 and now I can't burn cd's; I come up with an error 2020; can anyone help??

My iTunes will recognize a blank cd when inserted, but will not burn to the same blank cd. The message, please insert a blank cd, keeps popping up. I get the error message 2131. I am able to burn with other programs.

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