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October 19, 2006


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I'd say go for it

Your just "lucky" your using charity licenses :)

I have a client right now who is having to consider between getting some badly needed equipment for its employees in the field, or upgrading to office 2007. With marketplace competition the way it is today, they have to make that choice because they don't make enough profit to do both.

I really think microsoft needs to realize that there are relativly few companiens in this world are computer oriented (eg, the computer is there primary tool of trade) and bring down the price of office to reflect that.

I don't expect 60$ / piece but closer to 2~3 hundred would be more manageable than 5 to 7......

Karl P


We just finished a complete rollout of Office 2003. I think we will be in 2003 until at least the end of next year, possibly next winter we would consider upgrading, will depend on my budget for next year. Interesting idea...might have to grab a copy for my workstation :-)

We definitely will not be upgrading in 2007. Unlike you, I'm concerned about the amount of training required for our staff to be comfortable. I'd rather wait a year and keep my eyes open to the experiences of others. If the product is solid in real-world usage, if users like the new interface, and if it proves to be an easier transition than I expect, then we'll upgrade. You're the lead dog, dude!

I just convinced the powers that be to upgrade to 2003, so I doubt 2007 is in the near future for us. I'm thinking now I should have waited 6 more months before upgrading and just gone straight to 2007. The UI is much more intuitive than '03. I think it would have been easier to train everyone in '07 than in '03.
Oh well, we live and learn.

I just saw the charity pricing, it is not good. $200+ for what we used to pay $70 for. I would love to hear which version you choose and why.

I'll echo what JamesS notes - I just got a quote from our vendor and discovered that Office Pro is no longer offered, only Office Pro Plus (with a raft of things we don't need) for $184. The only lower-cost options are Standard at $49 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and Small Business at $158 (same as above with Publisher and Business Contact Manager). The price to get Access has just jumped by $124/license, essentially.

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