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November 14, 2006


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Check out Intego VirusBarrier http://www.intego.com/virusbarrier. I've been running it for a while and have no complaints - nor infections. Course I didn't have any before I ran Intego either ;->

I'm a big fan of Avast! for home use. I tried AVG, but the interface turned me off for some reason. Also Avast! throws in some basic firewall protections without being as intrusive as ZoneAlarm or even the built-in Windows Firewall. I haven't looked to see if it supports Vista yet as I don't even plan on looking at Vista till it's been out for a few months (my general rule is to wait for the first Service Pack).

My school (Purdue West Lafayette) gives us Mac users McAfee Virex and I hate it. It's slow, clunky and doesn't work half the time. It can never update its virus definitions and always just says there has been an error. When I try to update them manually (which I have to since they have been last updated 3 months ago... whoops!) it takes me a few tries before they finally install.
It's also very slow. Takes about 4-5 hours to scan my mac and I have a paultry 60gig iBook G4.

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