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November 06, 2006


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Who do you use to purchase your charity license software from? I have not found a vendor that I am thrilled with thus far.

I need to investigate the implications of the absence of an Office Pro license - it's not a HUGE problem if you intend to switch to 2007 immediately, since you can buy Office Standard and a separate license for Acccess where necessary for about $85, but we don't intend to switch in the near term.

The difficulty is this: while you can use the Office 2007 license when installing an earlier version, it would seem that only Office Pro Plus 2007 would really cover you when installing from an existing Office 2003 Pro CD. That represents over 200% increase in price, and makes budgeting much more complicated than it was with the $60 Office Pro 2003.

I'm checking with my vendor (SHI) for other implications of the license changes - for example, I don't know if it's "legal" to buy Office Standard 2007 + Access + Publisher (to match what comes on the Office 2003 Pro CD) to cover an Office Pro 2003 install. The products basically match up, but it's not apples-to-apples, and still represents an over 100% price increase to install from the same CD we've been using for 2+ years.

I agree with Rick, with Office 2007 Pro being absent it worrys me a bit, but I am prety sure Microsoft will come through with something. We use a mix betweeen Dell and CDW for licensing from Mircosoft. CDW has been great, except for some reason they have not managed to get right 3 orders in a row this month, but they were really good at getting a a refund and getting things right the forth time.

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