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November 21, 2006


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We use the Barracuda products at our church. They keep a world wide reporting of spam as well. Its at http://www.barracudanetworks.com/ns/resources/spam_central.php

Our own system shows us breaking the 90% spam mark recently as well. We get close to the same amount of email as you do. SCARY!

For comparison, here are yesterday's email stats for Sugar Creek Baptist. I believe we are at 102 email accounts.

Total Email Messages Scanned: 6368

Junk Messages Detected: 5130 (80.56% of total)

Virus-Infected Messages Detected: 62 (0.97% of total)

Total Problematic Messages Detected: 5192 (81.53% of total)


Are you using Postini Corporate or getting it through your ISP?


Postini Corporate Edition :-)

Strange thing with the recent spam is that an email address that I previously have never gotten spam had suddenly got a huge in flux in the past couple of months.

I am so pissed that somehow my address got out and decided to start tracking websites where they ask for emails to see whether they any one of them is the culprit.


I already found a few big privacy leakers and will try to find more. Let me know if anyone has any ideas on making this information really useful.


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