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January 30, 2007


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This is great...we just started using virtualization a couple months ago. We started with a free virtual appliance that does content filtering and modified it for our own purposes. Works great so far.

It's cool to be able to back up the whole machine, move it to another VMWare Server box and clone it easily for testing without having to build a whole new system.

I just downloaded the free converter...hopefully it works as advertised.

Thanks for the link. We are preparing to do a whole slew of server switches in the near future. I would like to take a few of them virtual.

Jason - I have been watching this as well.

Although I am a bit displeased with a clocking issue from VMWare - they have a fantastic product line.

I have tested a few VMWare options within VineHosting and agree 100% having the ability to capture an entire system is awesome - especially @ this cost.

I am hoping this offering from VMWare will push the other Virtualization providers in the market to follow suite.

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