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February 09, 2007


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Hey Jason (and the rest of Church IT geekdom),

www.thinkgeek.com still has the Wi-Spy for $99. Get it here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/80ce/

Great review of the Wi-Spy, btw


Great review man! I'm impressed...with this site and with the wi-spy. Is it Mac compatible?


Whoa!!! I think I'll order one today. That's seriously interesting. Well, to geeks anyway. If my wife read this she would yawn about one paragraph into it....but I was fascinated! Thanks for taking the time to put up all of the screen shots.

Gotta go...I'm heading over to thinkgeek.com to pick one up...

Nathan - It appears there is a beta version of the software available for OSX :-)

Thanks for the update guys on the $99 pricing at thinkgeek.

I used the Wi-Spy at home to determine why my Motorola 2.4ghz cordless phone *didn't* interfere with my 802.11g. I determined that the Motorola phone constantly (and quickly) jumps frequencies, starting at channel 1, going up through channel 11, and then back to channel 1. The time it spends at a particular frequency is so short, in the fractions of a second, that it seems to not affect my wifi. It seems to me that this varies by phone manufacturer.

Another thing to be careful with... Most 5.8ghz phones use 5.8ghz for base-handset communications, and 2.4ghz for handset-base communications... Saves battery life. Sneaky!

Jason: a fine report! I ordered mine today at www.saveateagle.com for $94.01. If you use the coupon code "PG" you get free shipping on orders over $100, so I added the USB-to-Serial Adapter Cable for $6.95 (cheaper than shipping) for a total $100.96 shipped.

There's also wireless mapping software that you can use with the Wi-Spy.

VisiWave Site Survey

It's kinda pricy but if you email their support and let them know you're a church/school they'll send you a discount code for 20% off.

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