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April 05, 2007


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How many total staff is supported? That would give you a IT staff/regular staff ratio. Sadly, ours is 1 IT staff for every 60 or so staff. Pales in comparison to our 1 IT staff to 425 student ratio. The 3.5 of us are stretched a bit thin, I think. :)

If you have web programming staff and where do they fall into the IT picture. Are they part of the creative staff or under IT.

Not sure its relevant, but our church outsources it's IT support and receives comparable if not better IT support and expertise. We're fairly large at over 5000 members, in a building campaign, and busting at the seams.

While there are always things I could point to that would be great to have "in-house", I think that including churches that have similar outsourced support might be helpful in your survey.

I'm fearful of adding these questions, but you can always ignore me :-)

What ChMS do you use?
What is your predominant server OS?
What is your predominant workstation OS? (maybe: what other's do you support)
What email system do you use?
How much total server data space do you have?
Is your website hosted on-site or off-site?

If you get this nailed down, how about we start this survey at the RoundTable?

Can we also get salary ranges for each position?

We're researching and comparing our IT staff needs and salaries to other churches and secular businesses.

Good input ... thanks!

We have over 5000 attendees each week. We have 100 PCs and 9 servers. We have 2 full time and 1 part time Staff for our database. We have a Director of IT Operations (mostly dealing with servers and operation of the helpdesk department), a Director of IT Strategic Planning (Deals with the web site and purchasing). We have a web coordinator (web guru). We have 1 full time and 1 part time person for helpdesk. We have another part time helpdesk person that works Sunday mornings and Wed nights to help with check-in 20 hours a month).
When I started I was one of two part time people. Having more hours let us grow and we have made some great accomplishments. You have to decide if you want to progress or be in "firefighting" mode all the time. Now we can spend time avoiding issues instead getting hit by small time wasting tasks. We could still fix all the issues taht happen with 2 part time peopel but that would be all and we would still be on Exchange 5.5 and 2 servers. It can be a hard sell for a church IT department but when done right it becomes essential to your ministries.

Church Name: Perimeter Church
City,State: Duluth GA (Atlanta Suburb)
URL: http://perimeter.org
Average Weekend Attendance: 4000
Church staff size: 150
Approx # of computers/servers supported: 250/20
Do you support a school, if so how many students: Yes, 500
Predominant computer/server OS: WinXO/Server2003
What email system do you use: Exchange
Approx server space being utilized: 1.5TB
What ChMS product do you use (F1, Shelby, ACS, etc): Shelby
Do you host your website on-site or off-site: off-site
Current IT Positions (indicate if part-time):
Tony Dye - IT Director, http://TonyDye.net
Jim LaBarr - Staff Trainer
Whitney Cantrell - Information Architect
Gail Richards - Helpdesk Coordinator
Donna Bell - Database Specialist
Brief history of when positions were added (indicating # of computers supported at that time)
Single person department existed prior to 1995
Tony Dye hired as IT Manager, 1/1997; approx 30 stations
Jim LaBarr started 8/1998, initially as an Intern; approx 60 stations
Gail Richards started 6/2003, initially as department admin; approx 160 stations
Donna Bell transferred 11/2002, as ChMS specialist
Whitney Cantrell started 8/2005, as Information Architect (now project manager for Proclaim)
Approx salary ranges for each IT position: sorry, not for disclosure % of general budget spent on IT: 3.5%, including Telephones, ChMS, contract labor Other info that might be helpful like do you outsource IT roles, etc:
Yes, we outsource, roughly two full time equivalents

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