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April 09, 2007


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Perhaps at the Roundtable, on Wednesday during ChMS time, a few of us could break and talk about VLANS. I need to look at that option, but have many holes in my knowledge on implementation. Maybe we could put our heads together and learn.



I would love to be in a discussion like Chris mentioned. That is definitely an area I need schooled in.


recently muddled my way through similar plan. biggest reason for bothering to VLAN was to isolate multicast network traffic. multicast not an issue until network load balancing &/or Virtual machines. We used a HP4208vl. Seems to have worked pretty well. A side benefit I didn't expect was the way that the smaller HP switches I use as satelites can piggy back the VLAN config from the 4208. Don't know if Dell switches can participate in same way when using a HP core. might want to check it out before choosing a mixed vendor network. (also note: found myself way out of depth on this stuff so don't take what I say as gospel).

I've been doing some VLAN work at both the church and office over the past 6 mos, and would love to share ideas.

Our networks aren't so big that we separate by physical location. We tend to stay pretty flat, but VLAN by function such as Data, VoIP, Public WiFi, Private WiFi, Facilities/Building, A/V Gear, etc.

Given the small amount of routing that occurs between the VLANs, we're using our Firebox X700e (Office) or our SonicWall Pro 2040 Enhanced (Church) as our Layer 3 device. In both cases, it works well. As we grow, I'm sure we'll get a L3 switch as I'm sure the Firebox/SonicWall will run out of steam.

Given that your other switches are Dell, any particular reason you're not looking at the PowerConnect 6000 series?

Greetings all from Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis...

We've got Dell switches that we installed two and three years ago for Bethlehem's network. Their VLAN implementation has been such a major pain that I'm planning to replace the whole lot of them with ProCurves or Ciscos. A buddy of mine who helps me work on network infrastructure knows VLANs and told me that its a lot easier on those other manufacturer's devices. I'd stay away from Dell if VLAN is part of your overall plans for infrastructure. The devices have been fine otherwise, but VLAN is no fun on the PowerConnect at all.

HP? yuck! Why not go with Cisco or foundry? too much $?

recently found your page and find it informational and entertaining. keep up the good work.

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